The transformation of steel: “From the idea… to the delivery”.
A series of skilful workings executed with craftsmanship and the highest attention to detail.

  • Ideas, requests, orders
  • Project drafting, Feasibility study, technical drawings
  • Laser cutting
  • Bending
  • Welding
  • Polishing
  • Quality check
  • Packaging
  • Delivery

Our technology and experience allow us to work on planes of varying thickness and shap.

The strength of Vittinox resides in the customized product, manufactured to meet the requirements and needs of the customer.

Purity has nothing to fear. When quality is a synonym for resistance, the result is a thing of beauty that wants to be used.
Thanks to the special treatment with nano-tech products,  the inox steel surfaces are resistant to being stained and particularly easy to clean.
The nano-tech treatment EASY CLEAN renders the surface water repellant, so that dirt doesn’t stick and is easily wiped off with a moist microfiber cloth.